Please try and get your photographs as perfect and clear that is possible.


No1 Take the photograph outside in the daylight to show up any markings and the right fur colour.

No2 Do not get your subject facing the sun so they squint.

No3 Go down to their level with the camera so the subject is not looking up at you.

No 4 Do not take the photograph to close to them to distort the nose and make it look bigger.

No5 Try to get their personality to show through, keep them happy with a treat so they look at you with their loving eyes.



      Email your photographs to -


Detailing life




I do love detail and with a sharp photograph, I paint every hair.

Take your time finding the right photograph and profile of your subject. My watercolour portraits have 50 hours of painting time in them. I try to capture the soul of your pet and character, so it is important to me for you to see what quality of work you are investing in. Hopefully it will be a collectable form of Art that will live out me and become a treasure for your loved ones.