Custom Pet Portraits

                         Professional Artist Michelle Martin

              Specialising in both People & Pet portraits



Watercolour with a background £550.00 paper size 35cm by 50cm

Detailing Life

precision portraits of precious pets, every whisker, every hair, every feather, every glint in the eye immortalised by fine brushwork.

Cat watercolour portrait size 35cm by 50cm £490.00


I produce fine art, very detailed watercolour portraits directly from your photographs. I have over 35 years’ experience as an artist, the results are quite exceptional. watercolour portraits take on average 3 to 4 weeks to complete, over 50 hours work is involved.  I live and travel the canal network on my narrowboat selling original artwork and taking commissions as I travel. Please

 contact me directly at or by phone on 07833724704.

Portrait in watercolour with a background 35cm by 50cm £550.00